Beer Milkshake

19th November 2002 · Beer

Here’s a recipe for Beer Milkshakes kindly sent to me by Alex Hearl (alex.hearl (at) - might not be a valid address in 2021 though...).

You Need

  • 1 Food Blender (the bigger the better – you can make more with a larger one)
  • The desired quantity of beer (2-4 Pints is good)
  • Milk, equal to half the amount of beer
  • 2 scoops of PLAIN ice cream per pint of beer (N.B. Make sure it IS plain, other wise it will taste of Vanilla or chocolate or something)


Chuck all the ingredients into a food blender and mix on full power until a thick paste (usually about 3/4 minutes). Then pour in to a glass and drink (unless you’re working class in which case, drink from blender).


For a novelty, try your hand at making a beer flavour ice cream (look for ice cream recipes from top chefs, e.g. Delilah Smith has a good one and use beer and the flavouring N.B. always use about twice as much flavouring as she says.)