Old News...

19th November 2002 · Miscellaneous

Welcome to Z-ADD, the new home of the “Wormhole”. This site has moved around a couple of times recently. However, this is it’s final home (final resting place?!?) on my own server.

All the “good” content of the old site is here: IBM AS/400 Midrange Resources, Beer Drinkers Fault Finding Guide, TV Episode Guides, “Red Dwarf” Curry Recipes, Software for Demon Internet Users, etc. Some of the older stuff has been removed. I have included the Y2K Resources on this new site, even though they should be out of date. However, I am still getting some visitors on those pages, so they are there for now.

Once the original content is on this site, I will be adding some new stuff. Currently, I’m intending to add some Web Design resources (mainly Perl/PHP/Apache and any other non-Microsoft stuff!). I would also like to add some programming resources, probably Java and RPG. The additions will depend on my free time, so don’t hold your breath